Gold Coast explorers smash record in epic Greenland crossing

After battling through icy gale force winds and bitterly cold temperatures reaching upwards of minus 20, Gold Coast polar explorer Geoff Wilson and his adventurer son-in-law Simon Goodburn have not only become the first Aussies to travel across Greenland unsupported from the south to the north, they have also become the fastest in history to achieve the feat – smashing the previous record by an astonishing 24 days.

The duo used kites to help them ski across the epic 2,160 kilometres from Greenland’s southern tip to the Inuit town of Qaanaaq in the north in just 18 days. The previous record was 42 days.

“We are elated to be finished, all safe and well, and to do it in record time is unbelievable. It hasn’t sunk in yet,” said Mr Wilson from Qaanaaq.


Gold Coast explorer  Geoff-Wilson-towed-by-a-kite-in-Greenland

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“This was a very tough journey and we both found our edge, learning more about ourselves in the process.

“Above all, it’s a triumph of the human spirit, a reflection on how well a duo can work together when an atmosphere of respect and hard work is embraced, and how a grizzly father and his Gen Y son-in-law can share a tent for nigh on 20 days and yet come out with even more respect for each other,” he added.

The expedition has been filmed for a one-hour documentary to screen on National Geographic Channel later this year.

Gold Coast explorers Geoff-Wilson-and-Simon-Goodburn-aerial-view

PHOTO: © eckfactor /