Gold Coast fire truck to power Jetpack over land in a world first

JETPACK Adventures will tomorrow connect one of their water contraptions to a Gold Coast fire truck and fly it over dry land.

In a world first, manager of Jetpack Adventures and experienced Jetpack pilot Ritchie Gregg will be lifted off the ground using only the water pressure pumped through hoses from a Queensland Fire and Rescue truck.

It’s all set to take place at the Southport Fire Station from 9am on Tuesday ahead of the annual Fire Ball to be held this Saturday, October 18, which raises much needed funds for the “FIRE-FIGHTER-IN-NEED” and “MAKE-A-WISH” foundations. 


It’ll be a world first and organisers are hoping the footage will go viral.

Jetpack Adventures have donated a live Auction to the value of $5000 to the Fire Ball which includes a group package for 20 people to take flight in the Jetpack, Flyboard and Jetovator.

The Gold Coast company is the only location in the world to hire all three devices in the same location.  

PICTURE: Monday’s practice.