Gold Coast forges on with hinterland cableway despite petition

Gold Coast Council will continue discussions for the hinterland cableway, despite a petition against it gaining thousands of signatures.

Mayor Tom Tate is confident a proposal will be ready to take to the State Government within the next six months.

A recent petition is arguing that the money could be better spent elsewhere in the hinterland, without impacting local residents and the environment.


It’s understood that nearly 14,000 signatures were gathered before the petition closed yesterday. It will now be forward to the Environment Minister and local MP Meaghan Scanlon.

However, the Mayor and Council are still pushing forwards with plans and will meet to discuss possible routes before presenting them to the state government.

Mayor Tate says a lot of the ‘examination areas’ are within State land, and therefore the cableway may not even impact private landholdings.

The cableway is one of two new projects that are now being discussed at the state level, along with a proposed beach bar trial.

Mayor Tate says we have to get these offerings off the ground as soon as possible for the sake of our struggling tourism industry.

“It’s vital that we renew our tourism products as we have 25 million Aussies who largely can only holiday domestically for quite some time.

“These projects would benefit both visitors and locals and further boost our employment.

“I’d really like to see a beach bar trial start in late 2021, whereas the cableway will take some time to come to fruition,” he said.

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Thats our boy Tate, greed and capitalism ahead of the environment and thoughts of locals. And he is still harping on about this beach club idea…..SMH

Similar protests happened before the Cairns Skyrail but the vast majority love the finished product and it had very little impact on the rainforest due to very strict rules around construction processes. It seems better to me have this than everyone driving up and down narrow, winding roads.

About time, just build the darn thing.
Then get the cruise ship terminal built.

I support the Mayor and the council in this project that will benefit Queensland and Australia economically in general. It will boost tourism in the state and the country as well as increase employment including revenues for the state and the Gold Coast.

If he wants to ‘renew the tourism products’ then focus on the hub of GC Tourism, Surfers Paradise. Coz the way it is now no local wants to go near it.