Gold Coast Gammy Sharks to take BBL06 by the teeth!

The Gold Coast might be a sporting franchise graveyard but one sport that would work wonders here on the coast is a Big Bash franchise.
Think about it for just a second.

It only goes for a five weeks and there would only really be 3-4 home games we would have to attend which appeals to both our commitment levels and general attention spans.

Our side would be full of players from around the country / world instead of home grown Gold Coast talent, which would appeal to tourists wanting to visit their home town heroes while holidaying on the coast and would fit in perfectly with our sad lack of Gold Coast tribalism.


The Suns’ ground at Carrara would even be an ideal place for a drop-in pitch and a bit of summer sport that would have no impact on the winter footy whatsoever.

The Gammy Sharks (you’re welcome Gold Coast) would actually be one of the prime clubs for cricketers wanting a six week holiday on the beautiful Gold Coast.

When our players hit a six we could all shout ‘a num num num num num’!

Everybody wins.

Like it or not the Big Bash will eventually be THE dominant summer sport in Australia.

There might be an exhibition Test Match here or there but in a decade or so when kids are finishing school saying ‘who the hell was this Richie Benaud bloke?’ there will be no escaping the money and enthusiasm T20 brings to cricket.

The Gold Coast MUST be part of this future.

We no longer have an A-League side and don’t look like getting one any time soon (ever), and we don’t have a NBL side anymore.

Right now from September to March when the Quiksilver Pro starts we Gold Coasters are sport-starved.

Give us something, please!

We promise we won’t break it like we have done all our other sports.

We promise never to let Gary the Gammy Shark go the way of Captain Charger, Syd the Seagull, Burnie Blaze or whatever people called that dude in the Tweed Heads Giants costume.

Look Cricket Australia, we need this.

All im saying is that you gave one to Hobart so you’re clearly open to making mistakes.

We could be your most glorious mistake of all!

…or maybe, just maybe, the Gammy Sharks may breathe some life back into Australia’s sporting graveyard.

Do it for the children.

#numnumnum , #nocontractsforwatto , #buychrisgale

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