Gold Coast gets some relief from a dry winter

WHILE it wasn’t exactly the drought-breaking rain farmers had been praying for, this weekend brought heavy rainfall across the Gold Coast and other dry areas in Queensland.

There were averages of  between 80 and 90 millimeters across the Gold Coast, with the heaviest rainfall recorded in Springbrook at 103 millimeters.

Steve Hadley from the Bureau of Meteorology says the rainy weather won’t last much longer though.


“Over the next few days we’ll lose the rain and get back the sunny skies back for a good part of the day, but it’ll be pretty windy,” said Mr Hadley.

“The winds will be chilly as well, coming from a west to south-westerly direction.”

He also has a few warnings if you’re planning on heading out on the water today.

“If you’re going out on a boat fishing or anything like that it’s going to be pretty blustery, with a strong wind warning in effect for Gold Coast waters,” he said.