Gold Coast gifts land to help Koala conservation

Gold Coast City Council has gifted the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary land to farm 15,000 eucalyptus trees to help cope with a rapidly growing number of sick and injured koalas.

The program will be run by Wildlife Sanctuary staff who will plant, maintain and harvest trees.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Senior Veterinarian Dr Michael Pyne said the development is much needed.


“It takes 1000 trees a year to support one koala,” he said.

“We’re experiencing a surge in koalas requiring treatment and we require more access to more food.”

“To put it in perspective in 2008 the hospital admitted 28 koalas, this year we’re going to almost reach 500,” he said.

“It’s almost a 20 fold increase in just 10 years.”

There’ll be a further 20,000 trees to be planted at Merrimac’s Koala Eucalyptus Plantation that uses water from the nearby Merrimac Waste and Recycling Centre.

Mayor Tom Tate says it’s part of  Council’s plan to bring long-term sustainability to koalas on the Coast.

“This is a 15-year deal to be known as the Merrimac Koala Eucalyptus Plantation agreement,” he said.

“We are providing the land for $1 a year and will irrigate the site from the adjacent Recycled Water Treatment Plant.

“What a proud day for our city.”

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is seeking donations for their Tree to Me Program, click here to find out more information or donate.