Gold Coast Hinterland records coldest morning of year

Good morning Gold Coast – it’s extremely cold.

Residents in the Hinterland have woken to their coldest morning of the year, while coastal dwellers weren’t much better off.

The Bureau has confirmed that Canungra saw temps plummet to -0.2 degrees this morning, while Beaudesert got as low as 0.6 degrees.


On the coast, Coolangatta also saw extremely cool temps 6.6 degrees, but Kimba Wong from the Bureau of Meteorology says that’s not as cool as it’s been this week.

“This morning was actually just a touch warmer than it has been the last couple of morning,” she said.

“Tuesday morning with had a minimum temperature of 4.8 degrees, and Wednesday morning a minimum temperature of 4.6 degrees.”

But we’re being told the temps will begin warming up again now, with moisture starting to return to the air.

“Over the next couple of days we’re starting to see moisture return to the air, so those minimum temperatures should be on the increase by the end of this week,” Ms Wong said.

“Minimum temperatures along the coast should be a little bit warmer tomorrow than they were this morning.

“Coolangatta we’re currently looking at a minimum temperature of 10 degrees for tomorrow morning, so a little bit warmer than this morning.

“At the seaway around 8 degrees as well, so just a touch warmer, still on the cool side though.

“Unfortunately for the inland parts it just takes a little bit longer for that moisture to return, so we’re still looking at a couple of cool mornings through the hinterland,” she said.

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Hmmm Global warming right!

That’s why they say “climate change” instead now.