Eight people escape ferocious fire at Gold Coast home

UPDATE @ 6.00am, October 22 | Eight people have managed to escape unharmed after an out of control blaze destroyed a home in Southport.

It broke out in the Smith Street property, just across the road from Freedom Service Station, just before 6.00pm last night.

It took multiple fire fighter crews around an hour to get under control.


Fire investigations are still investigating, though it’s believed an electrical issue was the cause of the blaze.

Paramedics have confirmed that eight people – including six children – were in the property at the time, though luckily all made it out safe.

No one needed to be taken to hospital.

EARLIER @ 6.00pm, October 21 | Fire crews are battling a ferocious house fire in Southport.

The blaze broke out in the home on Smith St opposite the Freedom Service Station around 6pm.

Thick black smoke could be seen from several suburbs away.

At least three fire crews have initially been called to the blaze.

The house has been completely engulfed.

It’s not clear at this stage if anyone has been injured.

The blaze is also affecting traffic in both directions.

More to come.

Image: Sam O’Connor, Facebook

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I lived in the old house next door for 1 year, at 130, owned by the same investor. Worst decision of my life. Both houses were derelict in repairs, unsafe and in need of bulldozing.
Both buildings should have been burnt to the ground (while empty).

I have observed that house was gradually emptied by occupants with their belongings all over the yards and even outside with cars, and bikes. Seems they were readying to move out. Yeah lots of young kids and young people.

omg i lived at 130 recently too and yep huge mistake! 126,128 and 130 owned by same investor,dodgy as hell and i wouldn’t be one bit surprised if it’s the owners fault this fire happened at all! after neglected mould issues and massive roof leaks at 130 the owner put us in no. 126 which was a s***hole just the same as their other “investment” properties. 130 probs the worst rental i’ve lived in and by far the worst owners had to endure..we had the place condemned yet blink real estate have put it up for rent now after waiting 12 months after we left.. dodgy much??