Gold Coast homeless won’t be shifted for Commonwealth Games

Chairman of the city’s 2018 Commonwealth Games, Peter Beattie, has assured us that 4000 homeless people won’t be moved during the games.

Concerns were raised after the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games came under fire for shifting tens of thousands of people from the Games precinct.

Both the Beijing and Rio Olympics were also accused of this.


Mr Beattie says there’s a social responsibility to support the homeless, not shift them out of public view.

“The last thing we want is to see homeless people moved out,” Queensland’s former premier said.

“Not only is that an irresponsible thing to do socially, but it would also damage the reputation of the Gold Coast globally.”

He says instead the Gold Coast will look at potential partnerships with homeless and domestic violence charities for the games.


“That’s where our focus will be,” he said.

“We want to target supporting the homeless and the victims of domestic violence.”

Mr Beattie, and the Games committee, are enthusiastic for the Gold Coast Games to lead the way for future games.

“There is a good business reason to behave in a humanitarian way.”