Gold Coast Hospitals at risk of losing vital intern staff

Gold Coast public hospitals are under pressure to fix their intern training crisis, or risk losing their accreditation to train them.

According to Newscorp, there are concerns over the internship process at both Robina and the Uni hospital, including the amount of overtime hours interns are working.

A review by the Queensland Prevocational Medical Accreditation, obtained by Newscorp, found multiple issues with the training module, including ‘significant governance concerns’, and complaints of governance.


Interns are also reportedly concerned that they don’t know exactly what’s required of them, that they’re not getting an appropriate level of feedback, and that the process isn’t structured well enough.

If the hospitals can’t address the concerns by January, they could lose the ability to train interns altogether, which would put a huge amount of stress on the already understaffed hospitals.

Interns make up for around 90 staff members at the Gold Coast Uni Hospital, and reportedly do a fair amount of the ‘grunt work’.

Other hospital staff are worried that already overworked frontline staff wont be able to cope, if the hospitals can’t take on interns.

Though a spokesperson from the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service told Newscorp they’re confident they’ll be able to retain their accreditation, and that they’ve welcomed the review as an opportunity to improve.