Gold Coast installs world first electric-vehicle charging tech

The Gold Coast has become the first city in the world to install brand new technology, revolutionising the EV world.

The Tritium RTM75 EV 75KW is 50 per cent faster than the standard 50kW chargers and can charge two vehicles simultaneously.

It can load up an EV to 75km of range within 10 minutes of charging.


The very first charging station was unveiled at the Kurrawa carpark this morning, but they’ll be rolled out at other locations including Broadbeach, Coolangatta, Southport, Pimpama, Carrara, Bundall and Nerang.

The 10 charging stations will be installed within a 50km radius of each other, to provide electric vehicle drivers with necessary infrastructure as well as catering to anticipated demand.

More importantly, being the first city in the world to debut the technology will put Gold Coast on the map.

“As the transition to electric vehicles begins to pick up pace, we have secured the most advanced DC fast chargers on the market,’’ Mayor Tom Tate said.

“The power used to charge vehicles at these stations will be offset by power generated by the City’s Virtual Power Plant, which harnesses solar energy from more than 47 City buildings.”

The Gold Coast used $350,000 in funding from the state government to secure the charging stations, in order to boost the local economy.

Users pay $5 to charge up, with the profits going back into the Gold Coast’s pocket.

“The business plan to pay out and get all our money back is about a 10-year plan, so after 10 years we’ve got out investment back – it’s a good deal,” Mayor Tate said.

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And what charges these mini power plants, I thought Tom Tate had a few brains but he is a left as the greens

When will electric car users start paying for the road infrastructure like the average petrol user does with the high taxes paid every time a normal motorist fuels up. Taxi drivers have had a free ride for many years with the hybrids when they switched to them. Should we abolish petrol taxes and revert to something like taxing per kilometer so everyone pays their fair share…

75kw is the average home users supply for 3 days.
Plus the prime locations afforded for these charging stations.
Not much profit in that Tom!

Also, would be cheaper to park there than to use a spot with a parking meter?

How many years before 75kw becomes old hat and faster charges are on the market making these obsolete . Also repairs and maintenance

That’s terrific but I can fill up in two minutes and go 700 km.