Gold Coast invention to break mobile phone addiction

A Gold Coast inventor hopes his new application will save lives on the road.

Ian Dutka has created a simple device and accompanying mobile app and said “our main aim is to address the human cost of the lives senselessly lost due to distracted driving.”

The device, aptly named Distractless, aims to prevent phone-addicted teens from being able to use their phones while driving.


Distractless is made up of two parts, a small immobiliser to be fitted under the dash near the ignition, as well as a mobile phone app.

The car will not start until the app is switched on. The car then starts as normal but the phone will not be able to send or receive text messages, phone calls or emails and disables social media and maps, but still allows users to listen to music and voice-activated apps.

If a user tries to disable the app while behind the wheel, the clever creation send a message to a nominated third party like parents, partners, or a boss. Insurance companies are particularly interested as they will be able to tell if drivers who they cover with a policy breach the usage guidelines of Distractless and make a sneaky call or send a quiet text when they shouldn’t, thus potentially breaching the terms of their policy.

Small-business commercialisation expert Bryan Vadas has explained that it’s not just young drivers that will benefit from Distractless.

“Employers country wide as well as fleet owners will also hugely benefit from Distractless, ensuring their employees and drivers are maintaining high levels of care with company vehicles,” said Vadas.

The invention has already garnered a lot of interest from insurance companies.