Gold Coast Ironwoman denies playing part in Buddy Franklin saga

AN INNOCENT supportive shout-out on social media has seen a Gold Coast golden girl mixed up in the Lance Franklin affair rumours.

Ironwoman Courtney Hancock (pictured) has issued a statement, declaring “she doesn’t know ‘Buddy'” and describes them as “acquaintances”.

Links were apparently made when Hancock Tweeted her support, saying: ‘Take care of yourself legend’.


Earlier this week, fellow Gold Coaster glamour and Franklin’s fiance, Jesinta Campbell spoke out about swirling speculation as to why the Sydney Swans star needs time out for mental health issues.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Franklin has declared himself unfit to play, despite the side being undermanned through injury while fighting for a place in the AFL grand final.

Hancock’s representative, Sonja Deacon said: ‘She’s a really lovely girl, she may have met him (Franklin) once or twice at most, through their respective sporting worlds, but they’re acquaintances, that’s all.’