Gold Coast … Just don’t do it

THAT may as well be our new slogan.

The problem with the Gold Coast is no one has any courage, creativity or imagination anymore.

It’s once vibrant, pioneering spirit has been replaced by narrowed eyes and suspicious minds.


As soon as someone pipes up with a vision or idea, the Very Vocal Minority of Mediocrity yell them down until they just go elsewhere.

Whenever it is reluctantly acknowledged the Gold Coast needs a new attraction the usual suggestion is to build yet another over-priced theme park.


Yet if someone suggests something a little out of the box like, say, a skyrail, well, just watch out.

“What the hell! No way mister. What about the trees! You can’t do that to the trees! Free the trees!”

It’s always been amusing to me how het up some on the Gold Coast can get about environmental issues considering the area was built on swampland with lakes and canals carved out of mud.

Before there were the housing estates there were dairy farms and timber plantations.

It’s not exactly a pristine Kakadu, for goodness sake.

Some of those trees you are protecting are not even native.

The seething opposition to establishing a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast has gone way beyond hostility to just the proposed location.

It seems now the growing resistance is against the whole concept.

Many people apparently don’t want smelly cruise ships with their smelly passengers and their smelly money here at all.

Yet plans for a second casino are okay.

Hardly a whimper about the very real possibility of the Gold Coast getting a second casino licence with all the social problems – and smelly people – that comes with it.

We could always open a few more nightclubs then complain bitterly about the drug and booze problems.

We try to build a cultural centre – cue the lame jokes about Gold Coast culture.

Or lack of it.

Gorgeous, big, ambitious plans for a unique centre are released – to ridicule.

They made fun of the Sydney Opera House once as well you know.

We turn to the government for help with expanding the Gold Coast’s bumpy economy.

What do we get? A quarry, a bloody quarry.




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