Gold Coast knife-detector trial begins tonight

Gold Coast Police will begin a trial of metal-detecting wands tonight in a bid to tackle knife crime.

Changes to the Youth Justice Act passed through Parliament last week, establishing a 12-month trial of the wands in Surfers and Broadbeach.

Police will have the power to randomly stop people in the Gold Coast’s safe night precincts, to scan them for weapons with a wand-like device.


Superintendent Rhys Wildman says they will have the power to randomly stop people in the safe-night precincts.

“The trial itself is in response to a reported increase in knife-related incidents, including assaults and deaths here on the Gold Coast over the last number of years.

“This increase is a concern for us,” Superintendent Wildman said.

It comes after a 17-year-old Gold Coasters Jack Beasley was stabbed to death in Surfers Paradise back in 2019.

His family have been very vocal in calling for tougher action on knife crime on the Gold Coast.

Jack’s mother Belinda Beasley has welcomed the trial of metal detector wands and believes it will help stop another tragedy like her son’s.

“I have no doubt that if this had been in place back then, this could have been prevented.

“And I really do think this is a big step in the right direction, I’d like to see it rolled out further, but it is a good step in the right direction,” Ms Beasley said.

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Just a trail!
That means no arrest just a warning.

Dumb Labor government in Queensland! 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

I strongly believe they should have a criminal record for anything they do wrong and it shouldstart from the age of 13. I also strongly believe the parents of these kids should be held accountable to some degree. At 13 they should know right from wrong. And as for all the do gooders who say you can’t discipline your children you have a hand in this too. A big hand. When I was young a good smack stopped me from doing the wrong thing. Take away electronic devices, take away social media, phone’s and so on does nothing. Children of today are gut wrenchingly bad and most of it is because the parents right to punish them has been taken away. Until they get it back it will continue. Lock them up in a segregated adult prison. Teach them how they will end up if their behaviour doesn’t stop. Show them where they will end up. Any smart adult offenders will tell them you don’t want to be here. Put them with the worst of the worst. Guaranteed to change them. Put them in a military program. There are so many options for these stupid kids but politicians don’t look past their own nose. Oh we can’t do this and we can’t do that, leaving police to slap their wrist let them go only to reoffend.