Gold Coast koalas will be better protected on Council land

Gold Coast Council has decided to purchase a significant area of land in the Coomera region, in a bid to better protect Koalas.

The land occupies up to 1500 hectares, and will be purchased using the newly-created Koala fund.

It’s believed the fund takes $3 a year from every rateable property in the city, bringing in around $800,000 annually.


A final price on the property remains confidential, while negotiations are underway.

Though Mayor Tom Tate says that Council will also use funds from its reserves to complete the sale, because they’re determined to protect the iconic Australian mammal.

“We will get a fair value, and then take steps to create a koala corridor, in line with what the state government wants.

“I like that it will enhance the DNA gene pool because you’re getting koalas from different locations.

“I think you’ll have a stronger and safer koala, because some of the money will go towards fencing as well, to keep the dogs out.

“We’ll put underneath the road so that the koalas can crawl under as well,” Mayor Tate said

The land purchase adds to a range of koala management plans in currently in place across the coast.