Gold Coast lake to undergo $97,000 water quality trial

The Gold Coast’s Lake Hugh Muntz will be closed to the public for a week as council trials a new product hoping to rid the lake of algae blooms.

It’s understood City of Gold Coast will test an all-natural product called Phoslock®, which has been used in hundreds of lakes around the world, including Australia.

Around 36 tonnes will be sprayed onto the surface, settling in the lake. Water from the lake will be drawn into the spray system to dilute the product.


Deputy Mayor Donna Gates said there’s “no guarantee it will work” but said council was “committed to trying to improve the long-term water quality at Lake Hugh Muntz”.

It’s understood the trial is part of a $100,000 investment to improve the lake’s water quality, which has been impacted from an increase in nutrient-rich run-off from surrounding properties as well as warmer weather.

“The $97,000 trial will determine the performance of the product and better inform options for long-term lake management,” Deputy Mayor Gates said.

The lake will be closed from 10 – 17 December.