Gold Coast lifesavers compete for Summer Surf Girl title

IN a year of milestones for Surf Life Saving Queensland’s (SLSQ) Jupiters Summer Surf Girl program, eight Gold Coast entrants are heading into the final round of judging next week.

The local entrants (listed below) will be joined by 15 others from across the state for a week-long program of judging activities, before the winners are named at a Gala Ball at Jupiters Hotel & Casino on Saturday, May 17.

The Jupiters Summer Surf Girl program is one of SLSQ’s largest and most enduring club-based fundraising programs, this year marking its 50th year as well as the 20th year in partnership with Jupiters Hotel & Casino.


SLSQ Chief Operating Officer and judge George Hill applauded the efforts of the Jupiters Summer Surf Girl entrants and their contribution to the lifesaving movement.

“The dedication and commitment of this year’s Jupiters Summer Surf Girls is outstanding and I have no doubt their efforts will serve as an inspiration to all lifesavers across Queensland,” Mr Hill said.

“To think that close to $14 million has been raised for surf life saving clubs around the state since the program started in the 1960s is outstanding, and we can’t thank Jupiters Hotel & Casino enough for their continued and valued support,” Mr Hill said.


Sarah Sammut (Point Lookout): “Point Lookout SLSC is such a big part of my life, and I see the Jupiters Summer Surf Girl program as a brilliant opportunity to show my appreciation to an organisation that really defines so many aspects of my life. The last few years have been heavily consumed by study, but the surf club and its members have always been a release from that stress, and now I have graduated, I saw this year as the perfect opportunity to give something back.”

Tiffany Smith (Coochiemudlo Island): “I wanted to be a Jupiters Summer Surf Girl because my club has given me a lot of support and encouragement to be the best I can be. I wanted to participate in the program to give back to my club and say thankyou. It’s really important to raise as much money as I can for my small club.”

Bronwyn Abraham (Surfers Paradise): “My Jupiters Summer Surf Girl involvement is important to me, as I am
motivated by my nippers and a desire to get better equipment for them to train with to make it a more enjoyable
experience for them. From a wider and possibly more important perspective I believe that my surf club could
better coordinate and come together as a club. Jupiters Summer Surf Girl is, in my opinion, an opportunity to
unite the club and bring together all club members regardless of their club roles or interests.”

Sarah Friend (Northcliffe): “The Jupiters Summer Surf Girl program is important to me as I find it rewarding
teaching young kids and adults the beach safety rules. It’s also important as it gives greater awareness to the
wider community about Northcliffe SLSC and hopefully this is an opportunity to give something back to my club.”

Olivia Wilson (Broadbeach): “Giving something back to the club and the organisation that has given so much to
me is hugely important to me. A recent career change meant I could finally enter the competition without any
extra pressure and I could just be myself. I love the program and have always wanted to participate, and there’s
no time like the present!”

Tamika Gillett (Kurrawa): “Jupiters Summer Surf Girl will allow me to raise money to purchase new lifesaving
equipment that can be used for both training purposes and to assist during patrols. It also allows me to get the
sun and surf safe message across to the wider community. I would like the public to know that although the
beach can be a fun place it can also be a very dangerous place and that every lifesaver takes on the role knowing
what can happen, but most importantly how to deal with those situations. The second reason this competition is
important to me is to build my confidence and also show people that have doubted me that anything is possible
when you put your mind to it.”

Morgan Marrinon (Pacific): “I am often asked which club I am from. I always reply with a very proud “Pacific”,
which often results in a blank stare in return as we aren’t really well known. The Jupiters Summer Surf Girl
opportunity is important to me and my club as I am determined to prove to the community what a small club like
Pacific is capable of achieving and to put us firmly on the map. I would also like to demonstrate the effectiveness
of hard work and commitment to the younger members of our club , and to do this in a positive way and
hopefully be viewed as a good role model.”

Michelle Linsdell (Coolangatta): “From this experience as Coolangatta 2013/14 Jupiters Summer Surf Girl, I’ve
gained some important skills and knowledge and have definitely grown as a person. This program has given me
the opportunity to promote my surf life saving club and gain more community awareness about our great club
and the movement. It has also given me the opportunity to raise funds for ongoing renovations. Coolangatta
Beach is such a beautiful place and through this program I can make people more aware of this.”