Gold Coast Light Rail breaks monthly record

The Gold Coast light rail continues to prove its popularity, earning a new month record.

The much-loved service has tracked over one million trips in the last month alone.

Translink data released last month also revealed more than 42.1 million passengers have boarded G:link trams since services began in July 2014.


City leaders are hoping the stats push the federal government into action, to get the extension through to Burleigh done.

Just recently, the Queensland Government announced their share of the funding, allocating $351 million for stage 3A.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey said the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment shows they’re serious, but that the federal government now need to put in their fair share.

“We’re on board, Mayor Tom Tate and his council is ready to go – the only thing holding the project back is the lack of a serious offer from Canberra,” Mr Bailey said.

“They’ve put up $112 million, just 16% of what it will cost to deliver Stage 3A, which is frankly an insult for a large city like the Gold Coast.

“We need the Morrison Government to get on board to allow construction to start next year,” Minister Bailey said.

The figures support a wider trend in record public transport use in south east Queensland.

Close to 190 million trips taken were on south east buses, trains, trams and ferries in 2018/19 – seven million more than the previous financial year.