Gold Coast light rail to be extended 7 kilometres south to Burleigh Heads

ALL aboard, next stop – Burleigh Heads.

Following four weeks of public consultation, it has been revealed Stage 3A of the Gold Coast light rail will extend an extra seven kilometres south of Pacific Pair, stopping outside Burleigh Heads Hotel.

More than 600 residents attended public listening posts between June 4 and July 7 to give direct feedback on the southern extension, while 2144 others completed surveys, mostly online.


Mayor Tom Tate and Divisional Councillor Pauline Young released the findings of the survey on Thursday morning.

It was revealed 63 percent of respondents opted to have the light rail stop on the Gold Coast Highway near Justins Park, with only 23 percent favouring a second option for trams to stop on Park Avenue.

“The people have spoken, with 63 percent choosing the station on the Gold Coast Highway, opposite Justins Park,” Mayor Tate said.

“Two station options were put out for comment – this one and a station located near the library on Park Avenue. Only 23 percent favoured the Park Avenue option.”

“This feedback will help our business case and guide future detailed design,” Mayor Tate said.

“We have budgeted to start reference design works on the specific route. That will be our focus throughout 2017-18.”

The Mayor said he was confident construction would start in late 2019 or early 2020.

Cr Young said Burleigh locals were passionate about retaining their village atmosphere but also saw the merit in the light rail system.

Councillor Pauline Young with Director of City Infrastructure Alton Twine PHOTO: Supplied via City of Gold Coast

“Getting cars off the roads, providing a greater choice of public transport and offering a seamless connection from here all the way to Helensvale … these are all the positives of light rail,” she said.

“In 2015, a citywide survey of residents confirmed people want the light rail route to extend all the way to the airport so Burleigh is the obvious next stop in that journey.

“The most encouraging result was the high level of interest and support for the proposed extension. A lot of people just told us ‘get on with it’.”