Gold Coast Light Rail making headlines again

THERE has been more discussion about Stage Two of the Light Rail Project, which would see the G link up with hard rail.

Southport MP Rob Molhoek said on Tuesday that he had always been a big advocate for the tram since his time at City of Gold Coast.

“I’ve continued to fight for it for the best part of ten years now, I absolutely believe, as I always have done, we’re a world class city, we deserve a world class transport system” Mr Molhoek said.


He added “my hope is that we will see it extended and connected to the heavy rail and I’d love to see the light rail continue to expand in line with the city Transport Strategy of 1999 and then the recently reviewed Transport Strategy of last year”.

Mr Molhoek said it is up to the Gold Coast and Gold Coasters to show their support for the expansion of the Light Rail by first utilising the service that’s there and also “by letting us know what they want because there will be a whole heap of competing interests at the next election”.

“If Gold Coasters want the Light Rail, well then they need to put forward their best foot and be strong and clear about what they want and hopefully they’ll get behind me and others like me that have always believed it is a great opportunity for the city” according to Mr Molhoek.

He was a bit sketchy when asked whether he would like to see something happen ahead of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and simply said “I’ll leave it to the Transport Engineers and the experts to check the feasability of that, so if that was possible I think it’d be fantastic for the city”.

Mr Molhoek also said public transport use on the Gold Coast is not particularly high and it can take years to become viable.  So whether it’s Light Rail or Bus services, so if people use them they expand them and if people don’t use them they tend to struggle.