Gold Coast LNP politicians to state their case

A Gold Coast MP has said the LNP can see the writing on the wall by media reports that five will not be pre-selected for the next state election.

Queensland Parliamentary Leader of the Palmer United Party, Doctor Alex Douglas questioned why stop at five, why not 50.

He said they are going to lose their seats anyway on the basis of the Redcliffe swing of 17 per-cent.


Member for Southport Rob Molhoek said he was happy to state his case before getting pre-selection for the next election.

He said he fully expected to face the Executive and the Branch of his electorate and outline his achievements during the term and why he should be re-endorsed.

Mr Molhoek believes his report card reads well so far, saying his focus has been on “jobs and the re establishment of Southport as a CBD for the Gold Coast and special planning powers put in place to make Southport a Priority Development Area”.

He said “I’d like to think that they branch would be pretty happy with me”.