Gold Coast locals urged to ignore differences

GOLD Coasters from all different backgrounds can get together for a National Day of Unity on Saturday October 25.

Organisers say whether you are a Christian, Jew or a Muslim you are all welcome to organise gatherings.

The Arundel Mosque held an open day recently, which members say was a huge success.


President of the Gold Coast Islamic Society Hussin Goss said around five hundred people turned up, some had been before, for others it was their first time.

Mr Goss said “they were so overjoyed at seeing what happens in a Mosque and they went away feeling very satisfied”.

He said he would be happy to do another Open Day at the Arundel Mosque.

“In Australia we’re a multicultural society and I think a lot of these initiatives like getting different religious organisations together and many other ideas should be brought onto the table, I think we would find it a lot easier to get along with each other and not have these hysteria situations when things do upset around the world” according to Mr Goss.

On the day we are also being urged to personally take part in visible acts of harmony and understanding.

Welcome to Australia will be hosting their annual ‘Walk Together’ initiative in 20 locations.

Described by organisers as “a tangible expression of the Australia that is possible”, Walk Together seeks to remind Australians that “no matter who you are, where you come from or how you arrived here, you’re a human being, sharing common dreams of belonging, safety, peace and opportunity.”

“Walk Together is an opportunity to remind all Australians of who we are at our best – welcoming, compassionate, inclusive and generous,” said Pastor Brad Chilcott.

“Fear, division and prejudice erode the health of our communities and damage our harmony. All Australians – people of faith and no faith – need to recognise that our future is shared. We can only build a better Australia if we commit to doing it together.”

For participating mosques click here.  To see if there is a march near you visit