Gold Coast loses tiger cubs to Canberra

TWO tiger cubs born on the Gold Coast earlier this year will be relocated to the National Zoo in Canberra next month where they will continue their work as ambassador’s for the wild tiger conservation.

Dreamworld’s beloved seven-month-old cubs Melati and Mya will take up permanant residency in the multi-award winning Jamala Wildlife Lodge at Canberra’s National Zoo and Aquarium.

The pair will continue to live together in their new habitat, which features a large bathing pool, similar to Dreamworld’s Tiger Island, a waterfall, climbing towers and extensive natural vegetation.


Dreamworld’s General Manager Life Sciences Al Mucci, said both Dreamworld and the National Zoo were at the forefront of the global movement to save tigers.

Both organisations raise funds for international tiger conservation programs and combat illegal wildlife trade in collaboration with the international conservation agency the Wild Cats Conservation Alliance.

National Zoo also contributes significantly to many breeding programs in an effort to help raise awareness and save animals from extinction.

“With less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild, these initiatives provide critical support to field projects in Indonesia, Russia and Nepal that are ensuring the survival of these magnificent animals,” Mr Mucci said.

“Much of the support comes from pledges from visitors who are inspired to take action on behalf of tigers in the wild”.

Melati and Mya will join Canberra’s four other tiger residents Ravi, Baru, Aceh and Ndari.