Gold Coast man accused of throwing girlfriend off balcony faces court

UPDATE @ JANUARY 19 | The committal hearing of the man accused of killing 17-year-old Breanna Robinson back in 2013 will continue in Southport court today.

Yesterday, the court heard from a number of neighbours, as well the chilling 000 call made after Ms Robinson fell 11 storeys from the H20 building in Southport.

47-year-old Jayden Moorea was charged with her murder, after a biomechanics expert found it was more likely that Ms Robinson was pushed rather than jumped.


Moorea was charged back in 2019, with the committal trial beginning almost two years later.

On January 29, 2013, Jayden Moorea – then known as Dan Shearin – made the call to emergency services, which was played in court yesterday.

“I went into the bedroom and she just ran on to the balcony and she has gone over the balcony,” he said.

A short time later, 000 called him back, where he’d made his way down to the foyer.

“She has landed on the glass,” he told them, before being asked if she was breathing.

“No, I don’t know, we can’t get up to her,” he said.

Several neighbours and residents from the H20 building gave evidence, with the downstairs neighbours saying they’d heard the pair fighting before the incident.

They also said they heard Ms Robinson scream ‘no’.

More H20 residents are expected to give evidence today, as the 10 day hearing continues.

EARLIER @ JANUARY 18 | The man accused of killing former Gold Coast Titans cheerleader Breeana Robinson has returned to Southport court this morning, ahead of a lengthy committal hearing.

47-year-old Jayden Moorea is charged with murdering Ms Robinson in 2013, which was initially ruled a suicide by police.

However, following an order from the coroner for police to reopen the investigation, a biomechanics expert found that the way Breanna had fallen suggested she’d been pushed rather than jumped.

Moorea was arrested and charged in 2019, and subsequently granted bail. He’s consistently denied the allegations.

A ten-day committal hearing is getting underway in Southport Court today, with dozens of witnesses expected to be called.

It’s understood the biometrics expert is unable to give evidence.

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47yr old man with a 17yr old girl. There’s your first problem.