Gold Coast man being questioned after fake cop with gun pulls over driver

A GOLD Coast man is reportedly being questioned by police about an incident in which a man, armed with a firearm, impersonated police at Woolloongabba last night

Around 9:15pm, a 29-year-old man was driving in Woolloongabba when he was pulled over by a ute flashing its headlights, police said.

The driver of the ute approached the man and produced a gun, claiming he was an undercover police officer.


The offender detained the man at the scene while he searched the vehicle for more than an hour before telling him he could leave.

The offender is described as being Caucasian in appearance, about 182cm tall with blue eyes.

The ABC reports police are questioning 29-year-old Gold Coast man about the incident.

Police are reminding motorists who believe an unmarked vehicle attempting to intercept them is not a police vehicle to contact local police or Triple Zero (000).

Should a motorist find themselves in this situation they can:
• Stop at a place they feel safe, such as a well lit area or an area with other people;
• Keep their doors locked and windows closed;
• Request to see the person’s police identification; and
• Advise the person they are calling police to verify their identity.