Gold Coast man caught street racing in Melbourne, has sports car impounded

A GOLD Coast man has had his sports car impounded after he was allegedly caught street racing along a highway in Melbourne’s southeast.

The 31-year-old man from Surfers Paradise was spotted by Highway Patrol officers lining up his Nissan Skyline with a Mitsubishi GTO at an intersection on the Princes Highway in Springvale just after 12.30am on Saturday.

The two vehicles took off from the traffic lights at Corrigan Road and allegedly reached speeds of 145km/h in what is an 80 zone as they raced down the highway towards the city.


Police caught up with and intercepted both drivers and impounded their cars for 30 days.

The Gold Coast local and the 25-year-old man behind the wheel of the Mitsubishi are expected to be charged on summons for racing on a highway, driving at dangerous speeds and driving in a dangerous manner.

The owners of the vehicles will have to pay more than $900 in towing and storage costs to get them back.