Gold Coast man charged after significant drug bust

A man’s been charged after police found a significant amount of drugs at a Gold Coast home.

Gold Coast police executed a search warrant at a unit in Varsity Lakes just after midnight on Sunday night, finding scores of cocaine, MDMA, steroids and illegal prescription medication.

Almost $7,000 was also found at the address on Varsity Parade.


Police say the occupant wasn’t home at the time of the search, though subsequent investigations led detectives to the 23-year-old man the next day.

He was arrested on Tuesday, and has since been charged with five counts of possessing dangerous drugs and one count each of supplying dangerous drugs and possessing property suspected of being the proceeds of a drug offence.

He is scheduled to appear at the Southport Magistrates Court on December 9.

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Us owners wish the police or probation parole service (PPS) would make a drug bust at our unit building in Surfers Paradise. We have an unfortunate neighbour who is the son of an owner and is on three years probation, the rotten apple in an otherwise lovely building.

Clearly under the influence of drugs despite being on parole (serving a prison sentence within the community), has not been subject to any surprise visits from police or the PPS.

It’s very uncomfortable for us law-abiding owners, many of us, male/female, young/old. Some of our owners are fearful of the erratic and volatile behaviour of this person serving their prison sentence whilst living in our building.

There’s a revolving door of visitors who by their behaviour, timing and actions are involved in suspicious activity worthy of reporting to police. This is not what neighbours should be subjected to.

This sounds like a lot of speculation and not much fact.

You also don’t seem to know the difference between probation and parole. Probation is a pathway program to allow non violent people to escape a custodial sentence. Parole is an early release from prison.

Both of these will require him to report to a local police station, but I guess because it doesn’t happen in the unit complex you wouldn’t know about it.

They can be drug tested on the spot when they report. So why would the police waste resources sending officers out to residences when the person is required to report to them at a minimum of once a week, sometimes it’s daily or even twice daily.

In this case it seems to be true what u are saying
If u know the family and he current criminal history etc..

I just want everyone reading this to stop and think not all gossip and views are true, because someone had friend over, or go out late at night .. some people are social b***erflies and some ppl are going to work or are on call..

Everyone has a story and I
Am writin this because I Am Currently in the middle
Of the worst time of my life because of an interfearing nosey very very wrong neighbour who
For 1 year has caused me and my kids hell and I
Mean HELL from his bull crap, lies and medling.
It’s been 12 month of living hell and we are Not far from Being homeless now because of him.

I Just want the world To know a few things

Not all drug addicts are bad people
Not all drug addicts sell drugs
Tattoos on people dont mean there criminals
If u hear something it isn’t always the full truth

And everyones got a story ..I too have a story
One that is far from what I have been dealt here and far from What I deserve ,,

That ol saying
Don’t judge a book by its cover