Gold Coast man facing life in prison over massive ‘liquid fantasy’ imports

A Gold Coast man has been charged with allegedly importing 120 litres of ‘liquid fantasy’, hidden in cleaning supplies and skincare products.

The Australian Federal Police uncovered the stash in plastic bottles in air cargo shipments in both Sydney and Melbourne last November.

A 37-year-old man from Clear Island Waters was arrested yesterday, and has since been charged with six offences of importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug under the Commonwealth Criminal Code.


The charges carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The man will front Southport Court today.

AFP Detective Acting Inspector Scott Curtis said investigations into the importation remain ongoing.

“GBL is a dangerous substance, normally an industrial chemical solvent found in paint strippers. It is highly-addictive and can result in users slipping into comas, or even death.

“Our investigations into who is behind this importation are just getting started. We will be targeting anyone trying to make money from putting the lives of Australians at risk,” Detective Acting Inspector Curtis said.

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