Gold Coast man finds a place to call home

A real feel good story that started with a heartbreaking series of events and led to a Gold Coaster finding himself homeless.

Karl Stuart was working for a Southport Ballistics company making bullet proof vests when he was laid off a couple of years ago.

He continued to live at his unit and found a flatmate to move in, but they had to leave when the owner sold the property and lost their bond thanks to his room mate and that is how Karl wound up living on the streets.


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CEO of Rosie’s Youth Mission Troy Bailey (pictured above R with Karl, courtesy of the Catholic Leader) said someone mugged him and stole his sleeping bag during a wet spell.

Karl had been using a borrowed sleeping bag, placed on top of a piece of cardboard.

Then he struck it lucky, becoming the first homeless local to receive a waterproof swag or backpack bed provided by Swags for Homeless (featured in the video posted above).

Mr Bailey interviewed him at the Southport Drop-Inn Centre during the handover, but had to walk away when Karl broke down, overwhelmed with gratitude.

Karl’s story later featured in the Catholic Leader newsletter, a farmer from Yarraman near Kingaroy read the article and wanted to do something.

Gordon Ward and his wife decided to drive to the Gold Coast and personally pick up Karl last Friday June 20.

When they arrived Karl introduced them to close friend Jason and they offered to give him a roof over his head too.

The Wards have a 60 acre hobby farm complete with a vacant caravan, so after introducing the grateful pair to their new home, the generous couple took Karl and Jason shopping for new work gear, including boots so they could help out on the property.

As a reward for their labour they are provided with free electricity and are able to eat all of the produce from the farm including meat, vegetables and milk.

Mr Bailey said he phoned Karl to see how he is enjoying his new digs and he replied that he is “sleeping and eating like a king”.

For more check out the Rosies website.