Gold Coast man linked to major drug syndicate

A BROADBEACH man is facing life behind bars for his alleged involvement in a multi-million dollar drug trafficking syndicate.

The 41-year-old is accused of attempting to traffic commercial quantities of controlled drugs, after Police busted the criminal ring earlier this week.

The Daily Telegraph reports, the Gold Coast man was caught out allegedly collecting a 12.5kg package of methamphetamine on Sunday when he traveled to Perth to pick up the parcel.


He was unaware police had already intercepted the drugs, which were sent from Sydney, and had replaced the contents with an inert substance.

The man’s Broadbeach home and another residence was then raided, with police finding an estimated $1m in cash, along with mobile phones, precursor chemicals and manufacturing equipment.

A total of 50kg of methamphetamine, 15kg of suspected methamphetamine tablets, $2.5m in cash, 20kg of ephedrine, 10kg of a powder suspected to be pseudoephedrine and various precursor chemicals were seized during eight search warrants in Perth, Sydney and on the Gold Coast.

A Sydney man has also been charged.

The maximum penalty for attempting to traffic commercial quantities of controlled drugs is life imprisonment and/or $1,275,000 fine.