Gold Coast man spends 200 hours building model jet

GOLD COASTER Graham Wilson has spent the last six weeks building his biggest replica aircraft model to date.

The talented CareFClight volunteer combined his 60-year passion for model building with his love for RACQ CareFlight Rescue, building a to-scale model of the charity’s Air Ambulance Learjet 45.

Wilson even worked closely with CareFlight engineer Dave Thomas to get the exact specifications and dimensions of the Learjet 45 VH-CXJ.


It’s the first replica model of CareFlight’s Learjet ever created and took six weeks of ‘blood, sweat and tears’, according to Wilson.

“The Learjet is by far the biggest model I’ve ever made and it took about 200 hours,” he said.

The CareFlight Learjet model now sits proudly in the foyer of CareFlight’s Gold Coast base, used as a visual aid during hangar tours to talk about the role the jets play in CareFlight’s operations.