Gold Coast man talks about close encounter

A GOLD COAST adrenalin junkie has somehow survived a close encounter with a tiger shark with only a flimsy $50 bird cage to protect him.

Shaun Harrington, 27, came face to face with the dangerous creature about a kilometre off Snapper Rocks last weekend.

The whole “cage diving” ordeal, set up with the help of Shaun’s brother Dean, was captured on camera for their website to promote their clothing label called “The Mad Hueys”.


The footage shows Shaun yelling in terror as the 2.4m Tiger Shark lunges towards him during the ‘jack-ass’ style stunt.

“My brother said we were shooting for our website and that he had a B grade shark dive organised for us,” Shaun told Channel Nine.

“So we set off from the Tweed and when we got out there he had pulled out a budgie cage and said that was what we were going to jump in there with, just for ‘funny ones’,” he said.

“So I jumped in the ocean but I just didn’t feel right.

“I was like, ‘i gotta get outa here’.”

“I was yelling to the camera crew to grab the cage but they just kept laughing and I turned around and I seen the shark coming at me so I just threw the budgee cage in front of it.”

His story has since been picked up by media across the country, with Shaun today telling reporters he did not know that his protection would be a “budgie cage” until he was already on the boat and admitted it was something he would not do again.

He also said his girlfriend had stopped talking to him since seeing the footage, “she’s blowing up” he added he’s in the “dog house at the moment” and is thinking about “renovating” his dog house which is a comfortable “one bedder”.