Gold Coast Mayor backs calls for youth offenders to wear GPS trackers

The Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate is throwing his weight behind suggestions that youth offenders out on bail should be fitted with GPS trackers.

It’s part of a raft of suggestions from the Queensland Police Union, which also include making immobilisers mandatory in cars.

It comes after last week’s tragedy in Brisbane sparked widespread calls for reform to the Youth Justice Act.


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Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan says the government will welcome any and all suggestions over how to stamp out youth crime.

“We’re going to look into that obviously, we said last week that we wanted people to put forward their views on this and we’ll look at every single submission,” Minister Ryan said.

The Gold Coast has also had it’s fair share of youth crime, as recently as yesterday when three teens were arrested after a high speed crash on the M1.

Mayor Tom Tate has come out today in support of the GPS tracker suggestion.

“If the discussion being had now at State level involves possible ankle monitoring devices placed on these offenders, maybe a trial of this nature is warranted.

“I won’t be critical of the judges or magistrates, but the crimes being committed are real, they are serious and the consequences for the victims is as painful as it would be if an adult offender committed them,” Mayor Tate said.

He’s also encouraged Gold Coasters to report any youth crime or hooning incidents through their local councillors as well.

The City supports policing efforts through:

Increasing our CCTV network (from around 100 cameras in 2009 to more than 500 cameras in 2021);
Improving street lighting in key precincts;
Hosting regular Mayoral Safer Suburbs Forums where all key agencies come together to share opportunities and information;
Assisting seniors and other residents to be more secure in their homes, through courses and information.

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Also any adult who is currently under investigation for Official Misconduct should also have to wear one.

Now that’s an opportunity for a local company to make a few $$$.
If this goes ahead they will need thousands as well as the technology to monitor the activity.
Just make sure they are tamper proof!

That tender will go straight to a mate of Tate

No no Tom they will cut them off.They need to be put in a boot camp for six months bed by nine up five o’clock training all day.With the toughest soldiers.

Fantastic idea – now we are talking

Tom Tate needs his own ankle monitor for committing a fraudulent election last year – we the Gold Coast people need to be kept safe from him – his comments and input mean nothing – maybe Joe Biden can then lend him his moon boot….when he comes over for his so called visit lol

The biggest problem with this project is that there is an existing supply contract from a private company to Q Police for tracking devices. This means there will be NO tender issued and that means the latest 2021 technology will not be reviewed. It is also noted this current contract is “commercial in confidence” that means it was not a public tender to start with, perhaps someone is in someone’s ear.