Gold Coast Mayor backs SEQ bid for 2032 Olympics

There’s been a revived push for the southeast Queensland region to host the 2032 Olympic games, after a nifty rule change this week.

Historic rule changes to the bidding process were passed in Switzerland on Wednesday night – at the International Olympic Committee Session.

The changes to the Olympic Charter mean that in future, regions and countries will be able to put themselves forward as hosts, rather than just cities.


It significantly boosts the southeast’s chance of winning a bid, provided the region, and the state government, can come together on it.

Since the changes, even Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has changed his tune about hosting an Olympics in Queensland.

From Greece, Mayor Tate told Newscorp the Gold Coast could play an integral role in hosting the games, provided our infrastructure can get up to scratch.

“To step up to an Olympic bid I see potentially something which would be very successful.

“I see it as a bid with plenty of infrastructure implementation to go with it.

“This means light rail to the Gold Coast Airport, a second M1 known as the Coomera Connector, and fast trains between the Gold Coast and Brisbane,” Mayor Tate told Newscorp.