Gold Coast Mayor backs the end of pub crawls through Surfers

The Gold Coast Mayor has thrown his support behind what will be an end of an era for the Surfers Paradise nightlife: pub crawls.

It follows a recent vote from the Surfers Paradise Licenced Venues Association to ban the popular bar-hopping events that they claim have ‘plagued’ the area.

So instead of being heckled by stand up booths through the streets of Surfers Paradise during the day, and then being swarmed by mobs of intoxicated youths skipping door to door, the era ends.


Any operators trying to bring a group through the area now also face a $670 fine.

The Association claims this is all in an attempt to rehab the image of Surfers Paradise, into something that might better suit the older population.

That would include nicer and more expensive dining options to deter the “cheaper young crowd”, which is what Artesian Hospitality partner Matt Keegan told The Gold Coast Bulletin.

Hence, no more pub crawls catering to the cheap crowd.

Mayor Tom Tate was asked about the matter today and backs the ban without image even playing a part.

He says it’s just not very Covid safe.

“I don’t know if young adults who are getting fairly well intoxicated would abide by social distancing,” the Mayor said.

“They’re kissing everything from poles to footpath, you name it. Well, how can that be healthy?”