Gold Coast Mayor calls for Olympic infrastructure commitments ASAP

The Gold Coast Mayor seems pretty confident that Queensland will win the 2032 Olympic bid, already calling on state and federal government to commit to vital infrastructure.

An official decision on where the event will be held isn’t due to be made until July 23, but Queensland is the clear front-runner.

The Gold Coast would play a significant role in hosting various sporting events due to the existing stadium and event spaces here from the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


But Mayor Tom Tate is staying ahead of the game, calling on both the state and federal governments to commit to handing over more funding for transport and other infrastructure upgrades.

Ideally, he’s looking for funding for light and heavy rail to the airport, green bridges linking Surfers Paradise and Chevron Island, a boutique stadium and some extra cash for tourism.

He says all levels of government’s need to be ready to make the necessary commitments and that he’s not going to sit around and wait.

“You get off the mark first, you put up your hand and go ‘Olympics – it’s a wonderful sporting event’, but for Queensland, it’s all about infrastructure.”

“The planning and the promise for infrastructure should be brought forward so that any infrastructure we need for the games, roads and the like, we press the button and go for gold now,” he said.

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Nobody wants the Olympics in SE Qld except for these politicians that want to further inflate their egos. How about bringing forward vital infrastructure that residents need right now?

Spend that money on improvements that benefit locals.
I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I DO NOT WANT THE OLYMPICS HERE.

Considering most recent Olympic Games even before Covid ran at massive losses, and major sports events since have been plagued by travel restrictions, does it really make any sense at all to put our hands up for an Olympics at a time like this? It might be attractive to politicians for obvious reasons, but there are better things we can spend our rates and taxes on at a time like this.

You do realise that the GC Olympics is in 2032 right? Some people are so dumb and very stupid! 🤣😆😂

Correct 2032!
By then we won’t need any of this proposed infrastructure as we will almost be carbon neutral.
So no cars that run on petrol or diesel, power to run our homes only available during the day (solar). Public transport will be the only real way to travel anywhere. Flying will be a thing of the past as no solution on making plans run purely on batteries etc etc.
So who will really care about the olympics then!
You voted for them.