Gold Coast Mayor calls out geese for eating too much

The Mayor of the Gold Coast basically fat shamed a gaggle of geese in Coomera yesterday, and put a council decision to move the birds on hold.

Council had recently made a decision to remove about 50 geese from the Coomera river because of a ‘population explosion’.

Following significant opposition from locals – including a petition – to let the geese stay, the decision has since been temporarily halted.


Council is now expected to find another option for the growing geese population, though Mayor Tom Tate says it’s a simple solution.

“Bread makes the geese fat, makes them lazy and sees them breed more as they know there is an abundance of food.

“So to save ratepayers’ funds in any relocation costs, I have a simple solution – get them off the carbs,” Mayor Tate said.

“Bread is bad for them … it can actually kill them so the simple solution is – stop feeding them bread.

“We did the same with some black swans at Robina and their numbers settled down again,” Mayor Tate said.