Mayor confirms plans for massive pyramid-shaped dive site

MAYOR Tom Tate has unveiled plans to build an exclusive artificial dive site off the Gold Coast, complete with a massive underwater pyramid.

First mooted by council in 2014, the Egyptian-like structure would be the first of its kind in the world and would eventually form part of a much larger dive precinct.

The pyramid would be built as a graduating structure, allowing beginners to dive near the top while more experienced divers would dive further down.


It’s expected to cost around $5 million to build the structure and sink it around two nautical miles off Narrowneck, east of the existing wreck known as the Scottish Prince.

It will take divers around 25 minutes to access the site from the Broadwater, less than half the time it takes to get to the HMAS Brisbane off the Sunshine Coast.

Mayor Tate said he already has approval from the Federal Government’s Department of Natural Resources and said the cost would be split between local and state governments in a 50:50 deal.