Gold Coast Mayor insists the size of the Cruise Ship Terminal ‘hasn’t changed’

The Gold Coast Council and The State Government seem to be at odds over plans for the cruise ship terminal at the Spit.

It comes after a confidential report was revealed by the ABC, showing the State’s plans for the terminal were a lot larger than originally revealed by Council.

The land-based part of the jetty was shown as more than double the width, stealing some 300 car parks and 25 hectares of open space from the Spit.


Questions have been raised over the cost and viability of the project altogether, including from Tourism Minister Kate Jones, who says that the expansion would mean a lot more money.

“We’re working closely with the Mayor, we know that he wants a cruise ship terminal here and we’ll look into those details.

“Clearly, that would have a massive impact on cost, if the road has to be a lot larger than what was originally proposed.

“But we’ve got an open door, we’re sitting down with the Mayor and we’re working through this with the Gold Coast City Council,” Minister Jones said.

However Mayor Tom Tate says Council’s plans for the infrastructure haven’t changed, but they won’t be revealing the plans until the Spit Masterplan is finalised by the State Government, which is expected in July.

“I think it’s wonderful that the State Government has allocated additional space and size, but the last time I looked at our project, that we paused 18 months ago, it’s still the same size, we haven’t changed.

“What we’ve got for submission for the State Government, after the Masterplan is completed, I believe is the best value for money.

“The size hasn’t changed – I know size matters – but it hasn’t changed,” Mayor Tate said.

Gold Coast Council is expected to wait for a completed Masterplan from the State, before they work more closely on the details.

“There’ll be a lot of infrastructure with the Masterplan, which we’ll be partnering with the State Government.

“You’ll see so many different elements of the Masterplan and you’ll see so many different announcements that we’re doing hand-in-glove together.

“When we do the infrastructure, you’ll do it once, and we’ll coordinate to make sure that we reflect why we have the Masterplan.

“So it will be cost effective, at the same time, its wonderful to have something planned for future generations,” Mayor Tate said.

Once the Masterplan and the cruise ship terminal plans are finalised, it’ll go out to tender, so that a private company can take over the cost and recovery of the project.

Though, as part of a public-private partnership, the infrastructure will end up belonging to the City of Gold Coast.