Gold Coast Mayor joins criticism of Qld’s business vaccine rules

The Gold Coast Mayor has joined the chorus of criticism on Queensland’s business vaccine rules, calling for them to be changed.

Once Queensland hits 80 per cent double dose, which is expected to happen either on or before December 17, a variety of restrictions will come into place.

Firstly, the borders reopen to fully vaccinated people who test negative before coming into the state.


Secondly, strict measures come into place for hospitality businesses, forcing them to keep out unvaccinated people.

It means all staff and patrons have to be able to prove that they’re fully vaccinated in order to be in the venue.

Those particular rules have gained national attention over the last couple of days after the Prime Minister called out the state government.

“As we get above 80 per cent in particular, which the scientific advice shows us, and the research shows us, that means, Australians can have their lives back,” the Prime Minister said, sparking a war of words across all three levels of government.

“They should be able to go and get a cup of coffee in Brisbane, regardless of whether you’ve had the vaccine or not

Locally, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate had initially backed in the business rules when they were unveiled by the state back on November 9.

“They (the unvaccinated) were warned by the Premier, that this was an unvaccinated disease,” Mayor Tate told reporters 10 days ago.

“If you’re unvaccinated, it’s not a matter of if but when, and you will end up getting the Covid, and you will end up in terrible sickness and may even end up in hospital.

“To safeguard the rest of the community, there are measures out there that are restricting the unvaccinated and I support the Premier

“It’s the same model as when we first banned smoking in venues… You can’t smoke in there,” he said.

However, it seems the Mayor has now backflipped on his support for the strict measures, telling myGC that he doesn’t support the harsh rules imposed on businesses.

“If we get to 80 per cent double vax, there shouldn’t be any other requirement or restriction,” he said this morning.

“We get to 80 per cent, people come in, we’ve got to live with the Covid.

“The ones that are unvaccinated, well they’ve indicated they’ll take the risk.

“Businesses are there to run business, and to make their livelihood going. They don’t have time to be adopted police.

Questioned over his previous comments on the matter, the Mayor insists he’s always on the side of the Gold Coast people.

“I back the idea of the border control, I’ve never backed the restauranteurs, council workers and that having to do the implementation of what the police should have to do.

“My attitude is, keep it simple, open the borders and let people go where they want. The unvaccinated – go and get vaccinated,” the Mayor said.

There is hope that the government may reconsider the rules on businesses as we get closer to that 80 per cent double vaxxed milestone.

“Covid is a dynamic disease, rules get altered and tweaked on a daily basis as we know in the last 18 months.

“I’m asked what my position is – is keep it simple. Vaccinated, double vaccinated, go anywhere, open the border at 80 per cent and to the unvaccinated: sorry, you’ve had your chance.

“I’m not encouraging riots. This is my advocacy via megaphone, and if the Premier sees fit to do that, I will cheer that on,” Mayor Tate said.