Gold Coast Mayor pushes ahead with plans to move border south of Tweed

The Gold Coast Mayor says he’s serious about a pitch to the state government to move our southern border.

He wants it shifted just a few kilometres south so that the Tweed area is included within Queensland.

It’s understood the border would run between Banora Point and Chinderah, because ‘that’s when most people feel they’ve entered New South Wales’.


The call was made after the new border measures were brought in on Friday, stopping Victorians coming into the state.

But Mayor Tom Tate has confirmed that Council will be pushing ahead with a pitch to the Premier.

“I will be taking it further,” the Mayor said.

“We are doing our homework right now – which is required.

“And once Council review it and that, you know, I’ll be sending Council’s idea and endorsement to the Premier.

“And I’m sure the Premier can talk Gladys (NSW Premier) around, and then you got the National Cabinet – let’s use it,” he added.

He’s now urging the Tweed Council to get on board with the push, following reports he’d upset the council over the border.

“Have a talk to your constituents, they’d love to be part of the Gold Coast, and have their property value increase by 20 – up to 30 percent,” the Mayor said.

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Is he for real? reason we moved here was to get away from the GOLD COAST and it’s overcrowded beaches and tacky image, you can stay out of NSW you fool

As ridiculous as it sounds, I would accept it tomorrow, anything to avoid the chaos the border crossings have brought to Tweed Heads

It would be a pain in the neck to change everything over to Qld rules. Just a temp move of blockades further south would be helpful at the moment! Wish Qld and NSW could cooperate on that one!

What a lie. Property values would go down not up. There must be financial gain in all of this for him.
I vote NO.

Of course there is economic gain for the gold coast as well as brisbane, you would have to live under a rock not to know that. So many people live in NSW and work in Qld the border delays have a daily effect on productivity and therefore the south eastern Qld economy. The land values jibe was very much tounge in cheek i think, dont take it personal champ?

Excuse me.
I live in Murwillumbah.. all of us south of Banora are expected to travel to Balina to get the services we travel to Tweed Heads for????? Get stuffed

Intelligent people feel they’ve entered NSW when they enter NSW Tom. Without that border the Northern Rivers would be the overdeveloped, overpopulated mess that he ‘presides over’. The hide of the man to think he knows how Northern NSW people think and to think that a council Mayor has any political persuasion in his own state, let alone in NSW!

Actually the border should be at Point Danger (not flagstaff hill as it is now) The REAL Point Danger (the one named by Captain Cook) is Fingal Headlands – So Tom is correct the Border should be the Tweed River. This would remove the Grid Lock in Tweed Heads / Coolangatta. Also there is less traffic at Barneys Point, because lots of the current jams are caused by LOCAL Traffic. It would also be much easier to Police because there are only 2 crossing of the Tweed River. Barneys Point and Tumbulgum.

Prior to the builing of stabilizing walls along the banks downstream of Chinderah, the mouth of the Tweed River moved between Kingsliff and point Danger.

Which particular corse of the Tweed River would Mr Tate like the border moved to?


You have it right. That’s the history we were taught at either Murwillumbah primary or TRHS. But because of some stuff up the borders are not where they were historically designated to be. This argument was put forward many many years ago and dropped.

As Captain Cook was not surveying the border when he named Fingal Head Point Danger I fail to see how this historical error makes Tom Tate correct about where the border should be. Interestingly, QLD was part of NSW until 1859.

For border chaos yes but permanantly,

No way. Get lost. I will move out of tweed if it’s called QLD. If they don’t like the border problem, then remove it.

Please do.

Or even better close it again.

Was it open? Since “the opening” fanfare the time taken to cross the border has skyrocketed

Nah, a way better option would be to move the border to the north, for instance, between Currumbin and Palm Beach. Then, I can move to Currumbin and still be in NSW! Hurray!

Is he looking for a pay rise for him & his mates.
Not to mention more rate money to pay for his deals.

Seems most don’t like the idea of moving the border, but are quite happy to travel into QLD regularly?.

Yes I do have to agree with you Joe I’m a queenslander and cant belive why theres no row minded people complain about the border being moved and putting the Ted in qld.have they forgotten about twin towns service club that used to be in qld.the tweed residents come up here and use our services.if you dont like the thought of being in qld then why do you lot live there and have your cars registered with qld plates still using our qld in the words of Tom Tate such on that.

Excellent idea, then we won’t have to tolerate DST time change. Also would get our roads & streets tidied up. Plus agree with Joe, most of us spend more time over the border than here as facilities are better.

Just abolish all state borders – the state government and border system is antiquated nationally and wastes $billions/yr. Travel and virus hotspot bubbles can then be freely established without these artificial historical constraints

Removing state borders completely would be perfect if we could totally disband all state and territory governments. Nationalize health, education and police, and leave everything else to local government. Fairer society and massive taxpayer savings.

Great idea ..can’t move around my place on the tweed..traffic is out of control..

The Tweed River is the natural land mark for a definitive border. Easy to control bridge points for covid incidents, better than an arbitrary line down the middle of a suburb road. The idea is self evident in its practicality.

Great Idea..but doubt if Tweed Shire or NSW would allow…they need the cash..


I love the way Tate speaks for residents he is not mayor of. Moving the border only to the river would mean the 31000 residents of banora point, who southern Gold Coast rely on, would be even worse off, many of who work in qld, use hospitals, etc., spend money in Coolangatta businesses everyday. Before this we were a joined border town and since covid, southern Gold Coast business realise how much tweed, banora, Kingscliff bring in. So leave us alone, and concentrate on your cruise ship terminal no one wants either., whilst your counting your money and approving more ivory towers for your mates. How about just issue us a numbered border pass, We were a happy border town before this, so why alienate us further. There is a tunnel on the freeway, south of us, block it there.

Absolutely stupid idea , it’s time for change of mayor, vote vote vote

They did…. and they voted him back in…. some people will never learn.

I refused to vote at that election.