Gold Coast Mayor pushes for blanket CCTV coverage

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate wants to cut down crime on the Coast with a massive CCTV network, prompting questions whether the proposed system is an invasion of privacy.

His plan would see cameras making their way out to the suburbs as well as in built up areas like Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

The proposal comes after Mayor Tom Tate’s trip to Taiwan and his burgeoning idea of making the Gold Coast the safest city in Australia.


CCTV has been high on the agenda for the Mayor ever since he took office in 2012, increasing the number of cameras in the city by 420 in six years.

He says the council will work with Queensland police to figure out where these cameras are most needed.

“With this new version of CCTV cameras, we’ll be able to spin them around in times of disaster management,” Cr Tate said.

“I’ll look at low-light cameras as well, so we can see in the darker areas.

“And at the same time I want to work towards facial recognition so they police can see who’s itching to do what crime.”

There’s been community concern that the program is unnecessary and a waste of money.

The Mayor has knocked back any suggestions the program is an invasion of privacy.

“If you’re not doing anything wrong there’s no invasion,” he said.

“If you’re really worried about it, shave your eyebrows, we won’t pick you up.”

The first round of funding for the cameras are likely to be included in the next round of council budget talks, this follows a $1 million dollar commitment of funds from the Federal Government.

Cr Tate shot down concerns individual councillors would lose money to fund the program.

“If a local councillor says they really need a camera before the next round of budget talks, I welcome them to use their local areas works budget,” he said.

“When I do the next budget I’ll top up their local budget.”