Gold Coast Mayor pushes for November 25 opening date

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has called on locals to roll up their sleeves and get the jab so the state can reopen faster than expected, arguing we could reopen by November 25.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk finally released the state’s roadmap to reopening on Monday, with December 17 set as the latest date to reopen.

It’s expected the state will reach the 80 per cent double-dose vaccination rate by that date.


“I’ve analysed the statistics including the surge in Covid vaccination uptake over the weekend and it confirms that if we kept that trend up, the Queensland-NSW border fencing should be ripped up and thrown out the dump on November 25 – not December 17,’’ he said.

“November 25 is an achievable date for 80 percent double vaccination across Queensland, including the Gold Coast. Every day counts when it comes to small business and tourism. We could even stretch it out to December 1 but not December 17.

“An earlier date will also ensure thousands of Aussie families have the certainty to book a Queensland holiday. The current suggested date (December 17) is too close to Christmas and families will likely make other choices which is not what we want.”

Mayor Tate insists staying closed until December 17 would kill small business on the Gold Coast and force would-be travellers to choose another destination over the Christmas holidays.

It sparked a war of words with the Premier, who lashed out at those comments on Sunrise on Tuesday morning, saying she didn’t know “what planet Tom Tate’s living on”.

“What planet am I on in this .. The Covid path to recovery as set by the state government is a long path,” Mayor Tate said.

“We don’t want to take a long path.

“If we are diligent about it, I believe we can get to 80 per cent by the 1st of December.

“If we do that we’re going to have a great Christmas trade.

“That’s the focus. That’s my ‘Ground Control to Mayor Tom’ moment.”

The Mayor said it was simply up to Gold Coasters to come out in force and get vaccinated so we could open the doors earlier.

“My message is: small businesses are going broke, tourism is on its knees. Get vaccinated now and let’s make the real date November 25,” he said.

“I want to see Queenslanders smash the current dates and hit every target early. I make no apologies for standing up for small business as I know many of them, right now, are operating week to week trying to juggle their finances.’’

As of October 17, the Gold Coast was sitting at 71.4 per cent first dose and 54.9 per cent fully vaccinated.