Gold Coast Mayor slams hoons for ripping up Pizzey Park

Mayor Tom Tate is fuming that hoons have torn up the city’s popular Pizzey Park, and has renewed his call for changes in State legislation.

The damage is expected to cost thousands of dollars to repair, after a group broke through temporary fencing and raced circles around the field on Friday night.

Gold Coast Council is now working with Queensland Police, who are confident they’ll be able to track down the offenders.


It’s understood that eight different CCTV footage recordings are being examined as part of the investigation.

Meantime, Mayor Tate is pushing for State legislation to be changed, so that the cars involved in the crimes can be immediately taken off the road, irrespective of who was driving the car.

“I’d like the offenders caught and prosecuted and the vehicle, or vehicles, involved crushed.

“I’d also like them to have to front the parents of the children who use that facility and explain why their selfish actions have damaged this community asset.

“Current legislation makes it difficult for Queensland Police to confiscate these cars and get them off the road for good.

“A change in State legislation – which would see the vehicle linked to the offence – would greatly assist the police to get these cars off our roads,” Mayor Tate said.

Mayor Tate says the police already do a brilliant job, but they need to be better backed by the State when it comes to hoons.

“When you’re disrespectful of public property, you really should be classified as a criminal, and you’re damaging it.

“There’s no good coming out of this, only selfish actions.

“We want to throw the book at them, but the book is not big enough, I want a bigger book,” Mayor Tate said.