Gold Coast Mayor tells the CCC to hurry up with the Council investigation

The Gold Coast Mayor has told the Crime Conduct Commission (CCC) to hurry up with it’s report into the Council.

The CCC announced in February last year that it had started an investigation over into the City of Gold Coast.

The investigation was launched following allegations of corrupt conduct related to decision making by some councillors.


14 months on from the initial announcement of the investigation, Mayor Tom Tate has called for an interim report (at least), so that Gold Coasters know what’s going on.

“Allowing it [the investigation] to drag on and on is damaging our city’s reputation.

“As they say, justice delayed is justice denied,” Mayor Tate said.

The CCC’s announcement last year stated the following:

“The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) has determined it is in the public interest to advise it has commenced an investigation into allegations of corrupt conduct relating to decision-making by some Gold Coast City Council councillors,” the statement reads.

“The allegations broadly involve possible conflicts of interests relating to decisions on a range of development matters on the Gold Coast.

“The CCC referred some matters in September 2017 to the then Department of Local Government, Infrastructure and Planning to investigate subject to the CCC’s monitoring role.

“The CCC has since considered an interim report from the Department.

“The allegations, which raise a reasonable suspicion of corrupt conduct, will now be investigated by the CCC.

“It is important to note that all allegations should be treated as unsubstantiated until the investigation is finalised.

“Whilst the investigation is progressing, the CCC is unable to comment further. This includes not commenting on specific developments or decisions of the Council that are the subject of the investigation.”