Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate determined to serve another term

Tom Tate’s determined to see key Gold Coast projects through before he even considers handing over the mayoralty.

The 63-year-old’s confirmed he’ll be running again in the 2024 election, which would be his fourth term.

He’s told myGC that the ‘passion is still burning’.


“There are still things I want to complete for the Gold Coast.

“The major ones dear to the council’s heart are GreenHeart, Light Rail stage 4 all the way to the airport and of course the next stage of HOTA.

“So Culture, Green Space, and major infrastructure. That’s what we want to do, and of course – keeping the rates low.

“If I can accomplish all those three things plus keeping the rates low – then job done.

“They say one week is a long time in politics, well sixteen years is an eternity so let’s get close to that first,” Mr Tate told myGC.

If Mr Tate wins the next election, it will make him the longest-serving Gold Coast Mayor with four terms under his belt.

However, he says that’s not the legacy he’s most interested in.

“I’d just like to remember that the city has a more diverse and thriving economy and it means the next generation – no matter what field they want to pursue their career – they can do it right here on the Gold Coast and go all the way to the top of the class,” Mr Tate told myGC.

It comes as the federal election edges closer, with the Mayor taking another opportunity to remind local candidates of the city’s concerns.

“My message is: back our three major projects or have the courage to let the voters know why you don’t,’’ he said.

“Our council has formally put forward three projects that are generational projects so far as providing our city with much-needed infrastructure and open space.

“They are the GreenHeart Project, Stage 4 Light Rail and the final stages of our HOTA precinct.

“I want every voter to ask their Federal election candidate: do you back these projects and how much funding will you commit to them?’’ says Mr Tate.