Gold Coast Mayor writes to CHO for Omicron data

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has again questioned the state’s approach to COVID-19, especially if data shows it’s no more severe than the common flu.

He has written to Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr John Gerrard, asking for clarification on whether the new Omicron strain is any more infectious of life threatening than influenza.

“In 2019, our State lost five people a week from the flu yet there were no public health restrictions or border closures,” Cr Tate said.


“I accept that we have very high vaccination rates today against Covid but we also had high annual flu vaccination rates in 2019.

“My questions, which I addressed in a letter to the CHO last week, simply ask for comparisons between Delta, Omicron and the common flu.”

The Mayor said the public were right to question whether the government if the risk is similar or less than the seasonal flu risk.

“I’m saying, is Omicron as lethal as influenza?” he said.

“If it’s not, why are we having all these restrictions?

“We may as well treat it as the flu because everyone gets the flu.

“If Omciron doesn’t kill you more than the flu did then why the vax/unvaxxed rule .. all these hurdles that are actually tarnishing our livelihood?

“I respect the CHO and await his response.”