Gold Coast men accused of selling written-off cars to ‘unsuspecting’ motorists

Two Gold Coast men are among four people who have been charged with a whopping 140 offences over a string of private car sale frauds across the south east.

The group allegedly bought a number of write-off vehicles, altering the vehicle ID numbers before on-selling them privately using forged documents which said the cars were undamaged.

They’re also accused of stealing vehicles from the side of the road, while also taking cars from dealerships for tests drives and failing to return them for “extended periods of time”.


Officers busted the alleged-car thieves after launching a dedicated operation to track down those responsible for the the fraudulent sale of the vehicles across Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.

The two men from Southport, aged 22 and 20, a 23-year-old Logan man and a 19-year-old Logan woman have each been charged with 147 offences including fraud, forgery, uttering, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

The men and woman are due to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court today.

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Too bad they didnt get the one t h at also did the similar thing frm car yard on brisbane road that packed up shop after my daughter got her money bck after threatening them with obensee we lost money also n yet we didnt press chatges they sold her a unroadworthy car also getting it rego help

Does anyone know what happened at the hearing? Is the matter going to trial? Haven’t heard anything since 17 July