Gold Coast men encouraged to get tested for COVID-19 amid new statistics

Less than a third of Gold Coasters being tested for coronavirus are men, according to new data released today.

The Gold Coast Primary Health Network has revealed that of all the Gold Coast residents who have visited a respiratory clinic for COVID-19 testing, only 31.6 per cent of those aged 18-65 were men, compared to 68.4 per cent women.

Statewide, members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community are also under-represented for testing, as are children.


Gold Coast Primary Health Network Board Chair, Dr Roger Halliwell, said it was important that these groups including parents or carers, are tested for any cold or flu like illness which could include a cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose and fatigue.

He said some of the statistics were not surprising.

“It’s men’s health week this week, which encourages men to look after their health, as traditionally they are less likely to visit a doctor than women, which may explain why they aren’t being tested for COVID as frequently as women,” Dr Halliwell said.

“We want men to visit their GP to ensure their health checks, cancer screenings and immunisations are up-to-date and if they have any chronic disease conditions, that they are well managed, particularly during winter and while we are in the midst of a pandemic,” Dr Halliwell said.

Dr Halliwell said that men could also discuss any mental health or drug and alcohol concerns with their GP.

A recent survey reported that over 40 per cent of the 1900 people surveyed said their drinking had increased during the pandemic.

Men are also more at risk of suicide, with statistics showing six out of eight people that die every day in Australia from suicide are men.

“We encourage our male Gold Coasters to talk to their GP if they are struggling, to help them access available support services,” Dr Halliwell said.

“In addition to GPs, the website also has useful online tools and information and the alcohol and drug information service is available 24/7 to provide support and advice. People can call 1800 177 833.”

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If this article was written by a man, for men, I would bother to listen, but since its yet another ‘statistic’ brought to us via the female race, it means nothing. Maybe, just maybe men’s heath fairs better than women’s health ‘statistically’ speaking??? Maybe just maybe, that’s the reason why you don’t see as many men being tested, as we may not be symptomatic of anything related to Covid.

But alas, men are perpetrators of violence, abuse, aggression, s**ual deviance and all the rest, so lets just chuck in the fact we dont care about ourselves either. Might as well, we are fast becoming the scapegoat for all the worlds problems. Race, Religion, Politics, s**ual Abuse, Violence, and the so called ‘privilege’ that all white men are supposed to have.

Yes this is a major issue for most people, not just men, but how about a bit more journalism on behalf of the journalist to source the actual reason behind these so called ‘statistics, as there are a myriad of reasons ALL people chose to go, or not to go to their Dr.

Slow news day!

Blatan sorry you feel so negatively towards a proactive move to help men feel more supported and it’s a shame you have such a harsh view on how you perceive women feel about men maybe put your preconceived ideas aside and be a bit more open to the genuine concern for men who are struggling

My comment had nothing to do with ‘how women feel about men’ …. in fact it has nothing to do with any ‘preconceived notions/ideas’ whatsoever. You are just reading into something that isn’t there. As for your comment of this being ‘proactive’, really? This? Seriously? Another article in a myriad of articles that all say the exact same thing, but offer no real help except to give us common ph. numbers easily found in any search engine, or Salvo’s store. Being proactive means more than just pointing out a fact or two, that most of us men already know and have heard a million times before. So please feel free to think of my thoughts as negative, but without negativity in this world , you would not know the meaning of the word positive. But whatever you do, do not assume that I have any ideas about any human, whether you be male, female, trans or even alien (if they exist). I’m just sick and tired of hearing the same old rhetoric about men and how we just don’t care about our health… WE ARE HUMAN! and just like you, we don’t wont to die, but for the majority of us, there is just no place left on this Earth that needs us anymore.

As a man who is struggling, do you think anyone (yes ANYONE!, not male, nor female, but both or neither these days) cares? The concern is frivolous at best and just empty repeated words that fall on deaf ears. We constantly hear or read articles (mostly written by females) about men’s health and how we don’t seem to care about it (as men), and how there is a suicide problem amongst the majority of us, including myself. There is no positivity in that at all, just words, repeated every once in a while by a journalist who claims they care and to remind us men of just how bad we are and how we should be doing better, oh and here is the lifeline number (smh).

So next time you wish to assume someone is being facetious, or has ‘preconceived ideas’ you may wish to re-read the comment or just keep your opinion to yourself instead of coming across as another person who just wishes to find a reason to please their ego with a ‘on ya box’ comment with indirect, passive aggressive insults.

Do not assume , its makes an ___ out of u & me!